Guaranteed Offer On Your Home

Instant Cash Offer FAQ

What exactly is The Allen Edge Real Estate Team Instant Offer Program?

This program is designed to get your home sold fast and without the hassle of the selling process. No need to worry about repairs, cleaning, staging, showings, open houses, missing out on your next home, or being homeless as the closing date is flexible. Homeowners who opt into this program must provide the address of the home and answer questions about the home to determine if it qualifies for the program.  If your home does, The Allen Edge Real Estate Team will respond with an offer within a few days. I

What is the cost to receive an offer? 

There is no cost to request or receive an Instant Offer from The Allen Edge Real Estate Team, however, if you decide to move forward you will receive a clear statement outlining any fees associated with the offer.

What if I’m not ready to commit, can I still receive an offer? 

The amazing thing about this program is that it is completely up to you if you accept the offer. You have the option to choose this or go the traditional route of home selling. There are no agreements in place so you are not obligated to our Instant Offer Program.

What if my home doesn’t qualify? 

In the event your home does not apply to these criteria, you are still able to sell your home with one of our expertly skilled agents. 

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